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You have met this wonderful Pakistani partner and could be wondering what the traditions of Pakistan are. You really want to know all this so that you can impress your new partner. Well, the first rule about impressing someone has got nothing to do with race or traditions. It all starts with the self. As an individual, you need to behave in a civil manner. And this is something that is pretty universal. That said though, Pakistani culture is quite different from the Western world. There are things that are given importance there. Well, below are things you might need to learn. Some important traditionsRead More →

Valentine’s day is that day of the year that celebrates love and everything that comes with it. Everyone holds or wants to want a bouquet of flowers in their hands, a box of chocolates, maybe something more expensive like… a ring? Everyone celebrates valentines day differently and it is a day beloved by people worldwide. Well, almost worldwide. Pakistan is a country that banned Valentine’s day to take place. What that means is that after a petition, the government banned the day to be celebrated. In addition to the day not being celebrated, merchandise for valentines day should not be sold. Valentine’s day was notRead More →

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There is a large number of celebrity couples in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. We usually expect that a celebrity would date or marry someone who is equally famous. Well, when it comes to Pakistan, not all of the celebs marry within the showbiz arena. Some usually marry or get married to people they knew while growing up or some great person they happened to meet. Well, we can’t rule out the fact that there are some celebrities whose TV love stories usually transform into a real-life connection that blossoms into a love life that most of the fans just admire. This has been evident in HollywoodRead More →

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Once one has found the perfect partner, the wedding ceremony is one of the most important events for Pakistani people… the women especially. This is one of the things that most families treasure and wish for all their daughters. The ceremonies are usually characterized with lots of glitz and glamor. Weddings are usually very exciting times for the family with lots of ceremonies before the material day. Fashion is one of the key things for this Pakistani marriage ritual. The clothes are very colorful I must say. The weddings are usually lengthy I must say. Going by the various marriage ceremonies I have attended, IRead More →

beautiful pakistani woman

Are you interested in dating Pakistani women? You have probably seen them in movies and have been drawn by their exotic looks, thick black hair and their dance moves. Maybe you are in Pakistan and one of them has caught your eye. You have heard the rumors and stereotypes surrounding dating Pakistani women. Now if you are from the Western world and have found this article, then you are probably looking for dating tips that will make this dating experience with your Pakistani girl worth every while. Well, this article is meant to raise your chances of winning the heart of one of these beautifulRead More →

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Where Pakistanis go when looking for a partner If you are looking for a partner in Pakistan, it might be quite easy that people tend to believe. This could be because times are changing. The culture is similar to most South Asian countries such as India. And most people usually have arranged marriages. So parents usually prefer to choose the person marrying their children. However, the dating culture everywhere is changing. And young men and women prefer looking for a partner of their choice as opposed to having the planned marriages. How is dating in Pakistan and where can one go in order to findRead More →

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Dating in Pakistan What is it like dating in Pakistan? People usually have this notion that dating is forbidden in Pakistan. Kinda like the way drinking alcohol is. Well, Pakistanis don’t really have much of a dating culture. However, finding a woman is pretty easy. You find yourself having a girlfriend at a very tender age There is a common adage “hassi tau phassi”. Basically, it means: if she smiles back, she digs you. So all it takes is having that charming smile when you see a girl pass by. Mostly, marriages are usually arranged. However, like most evolving cultures, things are changing. More andRead More →

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It is that time of the year when the stars shine the brightest in Pakistan! The Lux Style Award or LSA was held to give recognition to the artists who excel in the field of fashion, music films and television in Pakistan. This year’s awarding ceremony happened on April 19, 2017, at Expo Center, Karachi, Sindh. At least 30 awards are to be given in a ceremony that is divided into four segments – Film, Fashion, Television, and Music. To determine who the best is, a voting process was held with both the general public and a selected group of experts. It is also duringRead More →

Download NAB Jobs 2016 Pakistan Application Form Assistant Junior Experts Job. This advertisement was shown on this page is taken from Express Newspaper on 4th February 2016. National Accountability Bureau Assistant Junior Experts new jobs 2016 latest date application form download eligibility criteria and latest news on my gangapur. NAB Jobs 2016 applicant detail, academic qualification and experience will be counted in the application form. NAB JOBS 2016 ASSISTANT JUNIOR EXPERTS APPLICATION FORM DOWNLOADRead More →

Pakistani cute and famous model , actress Host Sanam Baloch attends Mehndi Festival of her Brother Farhan with a new looking. This week the actress Sanam Baloch at her Brother’s Mehndi pictures are very famous on the internet specially on facebook. Sanam Baloch Brother’s Mehndi Pictures.Sanam Baloch is unquestionably comprehended Pakistani performing craftsman and Morning show host. Sanam Baloch was with her husband on here brothers mayoon festival. She has done various performances yet now she is not appearing in any sensation and encouraging morning show on Ary News. She got hitched to Abdullah who is a remain focused. She got hitched to Abdullah who is a stay onRead More →