10 things you should know before dating a Pakistani girl

beautiful pakistani woman

Are you interested in dating Pakistani women? You have probably seen them in movies and have been drawn by their exotic looks, thick black hair and their dance moves. Maybe you are in Pakistan and one of them has caught your eye. You have heard the rumors and stereotypes surrounding dating Pakistani women.

Now if you are from the Western world and have found this article, then you are probably looking for dating tips that will make this dating experience with your Pakistani girl worth every while. Well, this article is meant to raise your chances of winning the heart of one of these beautiful women.

  1. She is familiar with online dating

If your goal is dating Pakistani women and you are wondering where to find them, it’s no longer that much of a mystery. If you are not in Pakistan, then your best bet is meeting them online. Advances in communication, technology, and social media have also revolutionized how these women find love. Just like in the US or Europe, these women are embracing online dating.

  1. She is looking for romance and respectful love

Things have changed and more Pakistani women are becoming freer and more westernized. Much as she may be well educated and easy going, you may confuse this to mean that she may be easy with casual relationships. DON’T.

Unlike most women in the western world who might be down for whatever, most Pakistani women are looking for more than a casual date. They want the romance, the love, and eventually the glamorous wedding ceremony.

woman wearing hijab

  1. Chances are, she is Muslim

Most Pakistani women are Muslim and are very respectful of their religion.

  1. She won’t rush into the relationship

Westernized women are known to take chances when they meet someone they like. They go for what they want. So one might meet a guy today and 24 hours later they are in a relationship. Well, this is different in the case of Pakistani women.

When dating Pakistani women, be prepared to take things slow. You may have to endure several text messages and emails. They take their time until they are sure a guy is a right guy for a serious relationship. This doesn’t mean she isn’t interested… she is just making sure…

  1. Skin color doesn’t matter

Contrary to what media has portrayed the Pakistani culture to be, just like women from any part of the world, they are open and willing to date men from other race and cultures. You would be happy to know that they find foreign men very appealing.

One thing you need know is that these girls are looking for love. So once they find what they are looking for, skin color won’t matter at all. All they want is to be loved in a respectful way.

  1. They love poetic and romantic phrases

Well, if you are planning on dating Pakistani girls, you better bring you’re A-game when it comes to dropping those lines. They are really into poetry and romantic phrases. So to win the heart of one of them, drop those lines.

  1. They are very respectful towards their spouses

All this stems from their culture which has always put men in charge. Women are not treated with the same dignity as men as we see in Western cultures. Now, these are experts at knowing what pleases a man, despite the level of education.

  1. They have strong family relationships and respect

This is one thing you have to live with. Family relationships are very important and chances are, she may not go against her family members for you. Be prepared to ask the family for permission before you are given the chance to date their girl.

couple exchanging rings

  1. She is probably a virgin and you might not have sex till after marriage

If you are a foreigner, this is something you are probably not used to. A good daughter from a good family is expected to value her virginity till after her wedding. If you are thinking long-term, the key here is patience.

  1. Be ready for end-less wedding family traditions.

Their weddings aren’t just a one-day affair like in the Western world. They have traditions that may last at least four days. They are vibrant with lots of glam. And if you are dating Pakistani and you do their dowry practice, then its money in the bank for you as the bride’s family is expected to honor your financial demands.