Best Places for a Date Night in Pakistan

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Dating in Pakistan

What is it like dating in Pakistan? People usually have this notion that dating is forbidden in Pakistan. Kinda like the way drinking alcohol is. Well, Pakistanis don’t really have much of a dating culture. However, finding a woman is pretty easy. You find yourself having a girlfriend at a very tender age

There is a common adage “hassi tau phassi”. Basically, it means: if she smiles back, she digs you. So all it takes is having that charming smile when you see a girl pass by.

Mostly, marriages are usually arranged. However, like most evolving cultures, things are changing. More and more young people are choosing their own partners that they have fallen in love with. There is romance in dating these days. Boy meets girl, they fall in love and eventually, they get married.

If you are looking for an interracial dating experience with a Pakistani, you can find them online. Like everyone else, the Pakistan millennial generation is embracing technology. This makes them more accessible to the outside world. And with the online dating boom and smartphones, what do you expect. We are seeing a whole new generation of Bollywood movie watchers who want to find real love.

Having studied journalism here, the place where people are inventing the dating culture is in colleges and Universities. You can imagine the young hot blood clumped up in one place. These young men and women are reinventing dating in Pakistan.

While on campus, I got to meet and date most of my exes. It was much easier here. People are a lot freer. This is where I got to enjoy a little PDA like holding hands in public.

So where can you take a girl on a date night in Pakistan?

The beauty of the nightlife here is you go on until the wee hours of the morning. So if you are taking a girl on your first date, you will have plenty of time to chat with her and get to know one another.

Shangrila Resort Skardu:

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Now, this is the place you take your woman if you really want to wow her. Here you are guaranteed to have a resort of a lifetime.

Dubbed “The Roof of the World”, Shagrilla is known to have a number of resorts in Pakistani. It is located 2500m. Skardu takes the crown for its immense beauty. It has a man-made lake and mountains which are often covered with snow.

If you are looking a peaceful and serene place, where you can enjoy that tourist feeling, this is where you can go to have that romantic date night.

There are fruits that you can pluck as you enjoy your romantic strolls in the evening together. It’s an amazing place and nature here makes it worth the while.

Capri Cinema, Karachi

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Much as it sounds overdone, one of the places you can go to on a date is the movie theatres. Capri Cinema is one of the places to visit if you are in Karachi. Nothing screams romance like sharing that popcorn with the love of your life while holding each other’s arms.

One thing that makes Capri shine is that it shows movies which are in English. So if you are dating a foreigner or you are in an interracial relationship with an English speaking person, then this is where you take them. Plus, there are lots of other movie joints within this area.

The place is located in Ma Jinnah Rd, N of Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan.

The Basement, Marriott Hotel, Islamabad

Date night in Pakistan

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Much as Pakistan is known to be a “dry” country because no alcohol is expected, you can still find some clubs behind closed doors. Most of them are pretty private, usually meant for wealthy foreigners.

“The Basement” is one popular entertainment joint for a couple to visit for that party night feeling. Security here is tip top. The environment is very cosy.

For that modern feel of Pakistani nightlife, this is the place to visit. There is lots of modern loud music and dancing. You can take your significant other here if you are looking for that hype.

The Monal Restaurant, Islamabad

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The thing that makes this restaurant shine is the fact that it is located up in the high mountains. While here, you get to have a view of the whole city.

If you are dating in Pakistan, this is one of the most romantic restaurants to consider visiting. Their food is delicious and the location is awesome. It’s a beautiful place to sit and relax as you enjoy each others company. Here you and your special other will have a spectacular experience as you dine.

Pakistan is growing and becoming more modernized than before. You will always have a place to spend time with your significant other if you are dating in Pakistan.