Karachi (Saturday, December 19, 2015): The Ayesha Omar, Azfar Rehman injured in car accident near Karachi today. AYESHA UMAR AND AZFAR REHMAN CRITICALLY INJURED IN ROAD IN KARACHI Pakistan’s famous drama serial bubbles to play the role of a beautiful young actress and model Ayesha Hyderabad accompanied by fellow actor Azfar Rehman were injured in a traffic accident. According to media news Ayesha Omer & Azfar Rehman Injured in Car Accident. Ayesha Omar Rahman with fellow actor Azfar was going from Karachi to Hyderabad Super Highway was the car accident in which the car the two were completely destroyed. Rescue teams, medical personnel for both actors immediately transferredRead More →

woman pumping gas

Islamabad(Saturday, January 31, 2015): Federal Government tax February petroleum products have decided to increase rates. Petrol and diesel price decreased but 5% Sales tax on petroleum products to be Increase from February 2015 all over Pakistan. The FBI told you at night editing session held S R O of sales tax paid division expansion draft is convinced that expected issued today. Sources told The FBR’s petroleum’s sales tax rate of 5 percent was don the after petroleum products 22 decided and 2 proposals are under consideration, the additional 5 percent implement the petroleum sales tax rate of 22 percent to 27 percent regret that the other decision under consideration  Sales Tax levied onRead More →