Find out why Pakistan bans Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is that day of the year that celebrates love and everything that comes with it. Everyone holds or wants to want a bouquet of flowers in their hands, a box of chocolates, maybe something more expensive like… a ring? Everyone celebrates valentines day differently and it is a day beloved by people worldwide. Well, almost worldwide.

Pakistan is a country that banned Valentine’s day to take place. What that means is that after a petition, the government banned the day to be celebrated. In addition to the day not being celebrated, merchandise for valentines day should not be sold.

Valentine’s day was not celebrated in Pakistan for many years before the ban but unfortunately, (or not) people cannot celebrate it anymore. There are many people in the country that believe that this was not the best move from the government’s side.

The celebration of love is versatile all over the world. Many people celebrate love in many ways and not only on valentines day, nevertheless, there are people who don’t agree with the ban. Valentine’s day was considered to be a thing of the west and that is one of the main reasons it got banned in the country of Pakistan. Although there were some disagreements with the ban itself it is still active in the country. The day of Valentine’s day is considered to be anti-Islamic in the country and the ban even made its way on television as there are no references of the day in the media.

Taking everything into consideration, Valentine’s day is indeed a western habit and the country of Pakistan believed that it promoted that culture in certain extent. This was not immediately accepted by the people of Pakistan, especially younger people, but it is something that exists nonetheless. This is where a cliché phrase comes in mind: Everyday is Valentine’s day if you are in love. What I mean to say by that is that once you fall in love, a ban of a holiday won’t keep you from expressing your love to the one you want to share your life with. And that stands for the rest of the world too. You don’t have to wait for that one day of the year to express your love or feelings to your partner. In fact, tell them that you love them right now, call them, send them a message or a flower.

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