Pakistan traditions that you’ll want to know to impress your Pakistani dating partner

beautiful pakistani woman

You have met this wonderful Pakistani partner and could be wondering what the traditions of Pakistan are. You really want to know all this so that you can impress your new partner.

Well, the first rule about impressing someone has got nothing to do with race or traditions. It all starts with the self. As an individual, you need to behave in a civil manner. And this is something that is pretty universal. That said though, Pakistani culture is quite different from the Western world. There are things that are given importance there. Well, below are things you might need to learn.

Some important traditions of Pakistan

1. Family is very important

Now, you need to realize that when dating a Pakistan, family will come first. Yes, there were arranged marriages before but today, some families let their kids choose their own partners.  However, family approval is very important. So before you decide to run off with her, ask her to introduce you to her family. That will show her how serious you are about the relationship.

2. Etiquette

One thing you need to know is that Pakistanis are very respectful people. Great your partner, ask how they are doing and how the family is doing too. Praise him or her on what they are wearing.

3. Dressing

Speaking of dressing, this is particularly addressed to women. These days, Pakistani women are incorporating other cultures in their way of dressing. However, the dressing needs to be modest. No minis! And no tight clothes that show every curve you have on your body.

4. Pakistani cuisine

The foods are very aromatic and very spicy. They also love rice dishes and roti or naan. Now, they mostly use their hands to eat. One thing you need to remember is NEVER to pass food with your left hand.

5. The man is the head

If you are dating a Pakistani man, you need to be very respectful. The men are considered the head of the family. The man is meant to be the sole provider. So even if your Pakistani girl has her own income, that’s hers. Bring her small gifts like chocolate, flowers, and jewelry.

6. Don’t rush things

One of the traditions of Pakistan that is really respected is waiting after marriage to lose virginity. Don’t rush your Pakistani girlfriend. Remember she is looking for a genuine and respectful man to marry her.