The best Pakistani food locations to take a first date

Looking for a great place that serves traditional Pakistani food to impress your interracial date?

When it comes to trying to impress your first date who is non-Pakistani, the best thing to do is to let them have a feel of what your culture is all about. Now, you might be thinking of some random restaurant that just serves western-like foods. But is that really what they will enjoy? If its western food, I am sure they are tired of it already.

How about making your first date a cultural experience that they will never forget? Take your date to a place that serves traditional Pakistani cuisine like biryani, roti, chapati, masala stews, kebabs…

Pakistani food joints to consider

Desi Cuisine, Karachi.

seekh kebabs

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly place that serves traditional Pakistani cuisine, then Desi Cuisine is your spot. And the best part is, the food is just perfect. Served on the menu are foods like Behari and seekh kebabs, pani poori, nihari beef… These are some of the classics. The interior of the restaurant is also traditional. Your date will definitely enjoy the food and the laid-back atmosphere of the restaurant.

Daal Chawaal, Islamabad

Just as the name suggests, this joint serves the most delicious daal chaawal (lentils and rice). To top it up is the wide array of sauces, salads, and pickles to accompany your ever so authentic daal chaawal. Simply perfect!

Butt Karahi, Lahore

buttered chicken karahiThis place is known for its classic chicken karahi. The quality and the taste of their dishes are top-notch! Let your date have a taste of the black pepper chicken karahi. He or she will thank you for this recommendation. The Butt Karahi also have branches in Islamabad too.

Lal Qila Restaurant, Karachi

This restaurant is highly famous because of bringing back Pakistani food of the Mughal Era. Here you will even get the Mughal dining experience of a Mughal Emperor. If you want to go all out, you and your date can enjoy the outdoor castle-like dining experience. If you want the full experience, how about plan your date when they are having their special performances where you can enjoy the Mughal music.