Aasia Bibi has Pakistan death penalty conviction overturned

pakistan death penalty

Aasia Bibi a mother of 5 was on a death row since 2010, when a trial court found he guilty for committing Blasphemy in 2009 and she was sentenced to death.

The whole matter happened in 2009 when she went to to get water for her and coworkers, but two of her coworkers refused to drink water from the container since Bibi was a Christian.

Few days after, a mob accused her of insulting Prophet Mohammed and she was given death sentence in 2010.

But because of many contradictions in evidence, bibi death penalty was overruled by the supreme court.

Some interesting facts about the whole case

  • There were over 25 witnesses present on the occasion but only 2 accused her of insulting Prophet Muhammed
  • FIR was registered after 5 days delay, supreme court said ”there is no denying that the complaint was registered after 5 days of the instance that questions the credibility of the allegations” another notable aspect of the complaint is, it was drafted by an advocate, however, he could not mention his name, which again raises a doubt on truthfulness of complaint.
  • The witness was giving a contradictory statement on the case. All the witness were found of giving different statements.
  • Being unsure about the date of crime: while the initial complaint was mentioned the date of 14.6.2009 as a date of crime, but after some cross-examinations complainant stated the date of crime to be 16.6.2009.  
  • The court has noted that the two sisters, Asma and Mafia bibi who were a key witness in the case stated that there was no fight between them and Aasia but other witnesses have stated that quarrel took place between them.  

Multiple contradiction in the statement of the witnessed and irregularities in the complaint made Aasia bibi conviction overturned by the highest court.

Although there was a huge uproar within some political parties after the decision of the supreme court justice has been given to Aasia Bibi.