Locations to visit in Pakistan that will impress visitors

pakistan tourism

If you are looking for Pakistan locations that are great for tourists, then you are in the right place. Apparently, these spots should be on your bucket list. Pakistan is backed with great scenery. And it’s not just about the hot spots, its all about the rich culture and diversity. This place has beautiful archeological sites to behold.

Places to visit in Pakistan.

Hunza Valley

Apparently, located in Gilgit, this mountainous region is known to be the home of the longest living humans on the planet. Fascinating, right? Ever heard of the Himalayan mountains? That is what surrounds this gorgeous valley. The people there, on the other hand, are super friendly. And disease free they say. So you got nothing to worry about. They have the longest lifespan in the world, thanks to the glacial, living water. Want to live long? Then head on there.

Pakistan locations like Attabad Lake

lakeThe first thing that comes to mind about this lake is the turquoise water. There is even a story about how the lake was formed. It all happened in January 2010 courtesy of a landslide dam that ended up displacing so many residents. The scenery is to-die-for.  And this is what makes tourists love it.

 Babusar Pass

The Kaghan Valley is home to the Babusar Pass that’s in between mountains and grasslands. It is surrounded by a thick forest that tourists love to walk through.

Deosai National Park

One of the other Pakistan locations is the Deosai National Park. Why we love it?¬† How about the name. Its known as the ‘Land of the Giants’! Why? Because it’s a high-altitude national park. It’s green. And guess what? Only accessible in summer. while there, you get to see the Tibetan wolf, the Tibetan red fox, the Himalayan ibex, and the golden marmots.

Now you know where to visit!